1. Save the image  to your phone or computer.
    1. Windows – right click on the image and choose save image as.
    2. Mac – Hold control then click on the image. Choose save image as.
    3. Mobile – long press on the image and choose save image as.
  2. Copy the short url
    1. On a computer click and drag your mouse to highlight the url – then (Control + C / Command + C) to copy it
    2. on a mobile device long press on the url, select the text, then choose the copy button.
  3. Go to you social media page or app
    1. upload the photo
    2. On a computer (control + V / command + V)
    3. On a mobile long press in the text box you want to paste into. Choose the paste option that pops up.
  4. Write additional text if you want. Currently on instagram you can’t paste a URL in the caption. You may temporarily change your profile URL to the post URL while you’re featuring the graphic.